The most useful pedal.

The most useful pedal.

LINESHARK is a boost pedal that also works with apps to add virtual instruments and effects to any musical setup.

Create endless effects.

Create endless effects.

LINESHARK is a single pedal that adds thousands of dynamic tone combinations to your rig.

Explore a myriad of apps.

Explore a myriad of apps.

Create virtual combinations of effects pedals, amp modelers, loopers, tuners, equalizers, drum machines, sample pads, Digital Audio Workstations, and more.

Upgrade your rig.

Upgrade your rig.

A mobile recording studio with live virtual effects, LINESHARK lets you capture and share every performance.

Experience new possibilities.

Experience new possibilities.

Configure the LINESHARK to swap between your original acoustic sound and your favorite electric sound with just one click.

Buy LINESHARK Audio Interface Pedal

$ 149.00

$ 199.00

Key Features

  • Flexible

    The LINESHARK accepts any instrument and has two output channels that can be independently configured for many different uses.

  • Analog

    The LINESHARK is equipped with a world class pre-amp that can be configured for use as a traditional boost pedal as well as a direct box.

  • Digital

    Use LINESHARK to tap any signal chain, record live and share instantly. Use your tablet as the ultimate loop station. Turn your smartphone into a library of guitar and vocal effects pedals.

  • Footswitch

    When you're done, stomp it off and put your setup back to its original state.

Exceptional Value

LINESHARK combines a boost pedal, a direct box, and a digital audio interface into a single easy-to-use package that takes your rig up a notch while saving you money.  A rugged and flexible analog and digital interface pedal, THAT'S THE LINESHARK.  

For complete details check out the LINESHARK product manual.


Does the LINESHARK preamp color my sound?

No. The LINESHARK pramp provides transparent boost to your sound.

Is there a LINESHARK app?

There is no proprietary LINESHARK app. The LINESHARK works with existing audio apps. The USB codec is natively supported by all major operating systems including Windows, Linux, Android, Mac & IOS. This makes the LINESHARK, or more specifically "USB AUDIO CODEC" appear as both an input and output option in your favorite application when you plug it into any USB host port.

Does the LINESHARK work with phantom power?

Yes. The inputs and outputs on the LINESHARK accept 48V. Additionally, the FootSwitch selected channel can bypass phantom power to the input from an downstream mixer connected to the output.

Can I plug in more than one LINESHARK at once?

Yes. You can plug in multiple LINESHARKS at once, and USB hubs are OK to use too. Each input and output channel can be assigned to a different app or function. Check out example number 10 in our product manual detailing a singer songwriter application using two pedals simultaneously.